AT&T, CBS Corporation, Microsoft, News Corp., NBC Universal, Disney, NASCAR, the NFL, the NBA, Viacom, NBC Universal, the Motion Picture Association of America, and Time Warner and other important US companies, got together to ask Obama’s admistration help, claiming a virulent digital piracy on them.

          “Hear us as we speak with one voice about the importance of creators’ rights. We are the essence of America. Since the founding of our country, our work has provided light in the darkness of conflict, humor in the depths of sadness, beauty in the face of ugliness, and reason in the dysfunction of division."

         The Copyright Alliance, as it calls itself, is basically a coalition of entertainment companies, trade groups and others who advocate for a broad range of policies, including "effective civil and criminal enforcement of copyright laws domestically and internationally”.
"Increasingly, creators are finding their work misappropriated, reproduced and distributed without their knowledge, consent or benefit by those who believe intellectual property should be free for the taking." says Lucinda Dugger, the Alliance’s director of outreach.