Basically, the new initiative sounds like this: if you take 10 songs from ten different albums, than you actually been using ten albums and therefore, you must pay accordingly. Never mind the fact that songs can be bought very well as separate tracks for quite some time, RIAA seems to be not quite up to date with recent events.

As it follows, those caught red-mp3-handed sharing compilations will have the opportunity to pay around $1.5 million, as every song will be considered as an entire album.

There has been some talk about this initiative back in mid-December, with Google’s William Patry tagging the bill as the most "outrageously gluttonous IP bill ever introduced in the US."

The new bill would certainly bring up once again the Jammie Thomas case, where the defendant was convicted to pay to RIAA the sum of $222,000 for sharing 24 songs over Kazaa. If $9000 for each shared song was considered to be alright, why shouldn’t RIAA push even further? Hopefully, there will be someone in the Congress to push the bill back or just move it along until a proper trash can is at hand.