We are proud to launch this new, innovative concept which provides focused emphasis on specialists who have strong values and wish to have access to a viable, easy-to-use, well-organized online technical resource.

With a fresh and friendly image, Instal Biz appeals also to the general public, offering simple solutions to various technical problems. It is a database of companies easy to find by products or services, a community site filled with daily news from the installation business and not only.

Instal Biz is entirely dedicated to the companies that activate in the installation business sector :

–    Ventilation Systems
–    Air and Water Treatment Systems
–    Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
–    Heating and Cooling Systems
–    Sanitary, Drainage and Sewage Systems
–    Fire Extinguishing Systems
–    Irrigation Systems
–    Water Supply, Collecting and Evacuation Systems
–    Natural Gas Supply Systems
–    Electrical Plants and Illumination
–    Electrical Power Networks
–    Automation Systems
–    Access Control, Security and Communication Systems
–    Green Systems (Ecological and low energy consumption systems)

Additionally we present your materials, accessories and spare parts for equipments used in the above mentioned systems.

Our database is open for everyone interested in the business, no matter if you are producer, designer, consultant or consumer, there is a place for every relevant piece of information. We expect your valuable input and all the comments you post are open for discussion, creating even constructive brainstorming.

About Instal Biz:

The INSTAL BIZ team is made out of professionals, engineers and field experts, people who have the necessary training and desire to answer to any new challenge coming from the installation addicts but also from the ones who have just an unsolved technical matter.
We search, identify and present you the most innovative ideas and news from Romania and all around the world but we also promote all those companies and people who are in a quest for perfection in whatever they do.
Our world is shaped by our actions and we proudly present the best ones in the installation business!

For any other information and subscription details, please contact:

Ania Vladescu
PR and Communication Manager, INSTAL BIZ
Tel. + 40 723512691
email: ania.vladescu@instalbiz.com