Have you ever clicked on a website searching on Google key words like "air handling unit ", "control box", "fan-coil", etc…? Well, we know how big the disappointment can be when you face the results of the search. This was the starting point for us. A huge disappointment gave birth to the satisfaction of working on a project which would answer in a complete, organized and efficient way to the need of people who want to have access on correct information in installation field.

Soon, we will launch the website from which, as an installation business company, you should under no circumstances be absent. Wishing to get to your target audience on the shortest and easiest way, you should know that the internet is the first option of the present and future generation. Besides the data base of companies, shop, news, forum, product launches and the latest news in the business, INSTAL BIZ is preparing also other exclusive modules to surprise the professional audience but also the large public who has awaited for such a long time this kind of project.

The INSTAL BIZ team is made out of professionals, engineers and field experts, people who have the necessary training and desire to answer to any new challenge coming from the installation addicts but also from the ones who have just an unsolved technical matter.

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