It appears that the most successful tunes on the market will start selling for $0.30 more – $1.29 a piece, to be exact. In the mean time, songs not allowed to swim in the celebrity pool will go down to just $0.79

Music companies might be eagerly awaiting the big day, and now spend their time dreaming about the possibility of squeezing more money from those willing to pay more for the same merchandise.

It might surprise them, but a lower revenue should be expected as well. Music companies might not be aware of it, but the current economy is in recession, and that usually means people are cutting down their expenses.

Furthermore, the Internet is all about lower prices (if not free altogether), so asking for more money is not the smartest thing to do.

Last but not least, music pirates are not raising their prices, so top execs might wanna think again about how risky is to alienate your customers.