But first, let’s have a look at the good news. The first improvement brought by the new firmware update is the full-support for both French and German special keyboards. The iPhone is also coming in the two countries this month, so no big surprise here.

Next on the list the the support for 12 languages, as well as access to The Cloud WiFi hotspots for users who feel like surfing the web at any available time. The WiFi offer is already available to iPod Touch users.

And now, iPhone unlockers will get a real treat of bad news. The 1.1.2 firmware update will turn your Apple phone to dust collector if you try to free it from the carrier’s software grasp. The Cupertino company closed the TIFF exploit, which allowed some hacks based on the flawed way the iPhone processed images stored in that file format.

All modding methods (such as AppSnapp) working with the previous firmware update will be useless, unless bricking an iPhone could be labeled as “useful”.

And so, the Apple cat and the hacking mouse game is on again.

iPhone is brought to the British isles by O2. The phone will retail in the UK for £269 (about 385 Euro) and will have early adopters choose between three 18-month contracts: £35, £45 or £55 a month.