Yahoo! Mobile for the Web is now available across more than 300 models with HTML-enabled mobile browsers. In addition, the Y-company launched an Yahoo! Mobile iPhone app as well.

Both applications are currently in 8 countries, including UK, Germany, France, the US, Canada, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Additional localized versions expected to launch over the next several months.

"To further capitalise on the market potential and continue our mobile leadership, we created Yahoo! Mobile, a dynamic starting point enabling consumers to discover the world around them, stay connected through a variety of communication services, and customise content to define their Internet experience on mobile devices," said Mitch Lazar, MD of Yahoo! Mobile, Europe.

The new Yahoo app packs together Yahoo oneSearch, Yahoo News and Yahoo oneConnect (a collection of web mail, Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Address Book and Yahoo Messenger, among other things)

Last but not least, Yahoo announced the release of its Messenger application for the iPhone in the US. The app enables users to to send and receive instant messages, exchange photos, add contacts, change status and send emoticons.