The new device is made from recycled plastic called PCM. Ecology supporters will be happy to know tha the PCM is extracted from water bottles, thus reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

The device features a solar panel on its back, so users can skip using the charger and rely instead on the power provided by nature.

“Samsung’s ‘The Blue Earth Dream’ demonstrates our small but meaningful commitments for the future and our environment,” said Mr. JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics. "We are committed to achieving the highest eco-status with our customers and business partners by providing the best eco-products and promoting eco-activities.”

Samsung’s phone comes packed with several eco-friendly apps, such as an Eco mode, an-built pedometer, designed to calculate how much CO2 emissions have been reduced by walking as opposed to motor transport and so on.

Blue Earth fully-featured at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.