The first such laptops to feature Windows Xp are expected to arrive this June. The operating system will come preloaded on an additional 2GB flash chip:

“Transforming education is a fundamental goal of Microsoft Unlimited Potential, our ambitious effort to bring sustained social and economic opportunity to people who currently don’t enjoy the benefits of technology,” said Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft. “By supporting a wide variety of affordable computing solutions for education that includes OLPC’s XO laptop, we aim to make technology more relevant, accessible and affordable for students everywhere.”

As expected, the XP version set to be installed on the XO laptop has been significantly modified, so it would be able to run smoothly. Also, the XO Windows version will be able to support the laptop’s ebook reading mode, writing pad and camera.

According to the announcement, the arrival of XP doesn’t rule out Linux completely. Instead, the OLPC will be offering both versions, plus a model featuring both OSs.

The XP-loaded laptop will cost $3 more than the basic $200 price, while the dual-boot machine will charge an extra $7.