It seems that Sony new price cut policy, as well as the announcement that the 60GB PlayStation 3 model was going to be extinct did the magic. According to VGChartz, the figures for the week ending 21st October show that the console now ranks third in the top. Also, the PS3 sold almost twice as much as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and it got very close to Nintendo Wii, which is a notable performance.

1. Nintendo DS: 171,260
2. Nintendo Wii: 70,322
3. PlayStation 3: 64,087
4. PlayStation 2: 57,152
5. PSP: 54,449
6. Xbox 360: 37,303
7. GBA: 2,2861

Once again, the first two spots in the charts went to Nintendo, but that seized to be news material for quite a while.

Back to Sony, the company should really consider having a few good games ready for launch in the near future. Otherwise, this sales euphoria will die off and Sony will be back at square one: “How do we get people to buy it?”