The father of the Sims stated during an interview with Radio 5 Live that the game was already fully playable from the beginning to the end, but needed to undergo the final testing stage.

"We’ve had to do a lot of testing to make sure that the game is accessible by a wide group of people", said Wright. "I want the people who have played The Sims to be able to play Spore – I don’t want it to be some thing just hardcore gamers play."

We can safely say that Spore is Wright’s most ambitious project to date. The game is basically a life-sim title, but gives the player a lot more choices than the Sims could ever hoped to do. Spore starts with the player in charge of a single-cell organism and gradually move on to creating more evolved species.

At some stage, the entire planet will be under control and the player will be able to move on and start conquering the galaxy. Or, maybe, he’ll just move to another planet and start baby-sitting bacteria once again.

Hopefully, Spore will make it out by spring 2008 and no more delays will make the news.