Hirai admitted during an interview with Threespeech that Phil Harrison’s policy of going for games available on several platforms was not working out that great and improvement is much needed. Getting publishers to release games only on the PlayStation 3 is one way to, Hirai said, although such a step might prove very expensive for the company:

“Ultimately, it becomes a dialogue – if it makes sense for them to go exclusive, that’s a business decision that they need to make. But generally speaking, because of the investments that publishers need to make in this round of hardware, it’s going to be more difficult for publishers to make that decision.”

However, there is promising middle ground between exclisive and non-exclusive deal: exclusive content, available only for the PlayStation 3 version of the game:

“Where we come into the picture is to have that dialogue with the third party publishers, to say: ‘OK, what can we do together if it’s not exclusive that makes the PS3 version of the game more compelling for the consumers than any other version?’

“Let’s face it – all the games are coming out on a Blu-ray disk which has 50Gb capacity, so let’s put in some making-of content, or maybe additional levels. Also, it really becomes important for the first party studios to really come up with some envelope-pushing, genre-defining content.”

Is most likely that Sony will prove eager to pay for exclusivity for several games that would push PlayStation 3 further up on the sales charts. However, the company is most likely to negotiate exclusive content with partner companies.