The Sony-developed handheld failed to reach the same amount of sales as it did last week, but kept its crown. The distance between the PSP and the Wii remains significant, although the latter seems to have made some progress this week.

The Nintendo DS remains on third sport, but sales have been slowing down. Definitely not a very good week for handhelds. Old-fashion consoles, however, saw their sales rising and the PlayStation 3 had the best progress of the pack. Even the 360 experienced better figures than last week, but still remained nailed down to the bottom of the top.

The complete top is down below and it features both this week and last week’s results:

– PlayStation Portable: 64,449 units (70,536 units )
– Nintendo Wii: 49,047 units (
41,572 units )
– Nintendo DS: 37,404 units (
34,905 units)
– PlayStation 3: 9071 units (
7701 units )
– PlayStation 2: 7189 units (
7022 units)
– Xbox 360: 1947 units (1474)