Jaffe posted its thoughts on YouTube and it remains to be seem just how many will appreciate his ideas. However, we doubt that there will be many consumers in his camp, thanks to Jaffe’s unique view regarding their role and importance:

"I don’t mean this in a mean way, like it’s none of the consumers business," said Jaffe. "But literally, it’s none of the consumer’s business. It should not affect the consumer at all. All the consumer should worry about is, can I get the best deal possible?"

Well Dave, getting a game cheaper because it’s been used might be the best deal possible. After all, there are games worth every penny and there are games one would rather rent or buy them from the cheap pile of a store. Because they just offer enough to justify the price.

Furthermore, both publishers and consumers are part of the same business. Spending one’s money on a product of yours makes it one’s business. Or maybe the publishers would like to be left alone on the market and the consumers to choose and spend their money of something else?