All the fans of the series knew that the game was to be big in terms of data, but the latest statement from Hideo Kojima does put things into a new perspective:

“For us, we’re not still not satisfied with the quality we can do. You know, there’s not capacity space. […] That’s correct. There’s not enough space at all. (laughs) …There’s not enough space. We always talked about where to cut and what to compress.”

It was further hinted that the quality would’ve been better had the developer had the necessary space. Maybe someone should give the developer a hint about using a second disc (be it Blu-ray or just plain old DVD) for the extra stuff.

Either way, do expect Metal Gear Solid 4 to require a lot of time to install itself. The good news is that the game is scheduled to be released worldwide on June 12. Place the disc in the drive and then head to the sea side, MGS 4 should be installed by the time you get back, in autumn.