It’s a subjective poinjt of view, but I think Mafia 2 steals the cake this time. Next in line come Warner Bros’ Project Origin and Crysis: Warhead. On a side note, it would be interesting to see how will Red Faction: Guerilla turn out to be. Back in the dawn of the first game, the idea of drilling your way through entire levels seemed quite interesting

The complete list is down below:
– Battlestations: Midway (Eidos)
– Battlestations: Pacific (Eidos)
– Borderlands (2K Games)
– Call of Duty: World at War (Activision)
– Crysis Warhead (Crytek/EA Partners)
– Dawn of War 2 (THQ)
– Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
– Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Sierra Entertainment)
– Quantum of Solace (Activision)
– LEGO Batman: The Videogame (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
– Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Video Game (Activision)
– Mafia II (2K Games)
– Project Origin (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
– Red Faction: Guerilla (THQ)
– Saints Row 2 (THQ)
– Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection (Microsoft Game Studios)