A topic on the Official Unreal Tournament 3 Forums was filled with users’ estimations regarding the release dates for  the demo and game. Apparently all of them were wrong and November might just not be the month to feature Unreal Tournament 3’s birthday.

Epic’s Mark Rein posted a message that reads the following:

 “We do not know exactly when the game will be completed. All we’ve said is that we’re hoping for a November release but as you know we value getting it right over getting it right now so there’s no guarantee of that.”

Is this bad news for hardcore fans? Might be for those who are in a hurry to play. Still, even if Unreal Tournament 3 misses November, it’s nice to know that some companies do care more about quality than a quick release and a quick buck.

Then again, Epic might just pull it through and ship the game during the fall. Up till now nobody said the release had been officially moved to December.