A question about mods popped up during an Eurogamer interview with Microsoft’s Chris Satchell, XNA group general manager, who put on the old record: security first, fun later!

“the core issue of modding is what we talked about earlier – if you’re not running in that sandbox, how do you guarantee security?

That’s really where we’ve got stuck – making sure that nothing will hurt the user’s system, and I’m a little disturbed when I think about other systems and people using what we call native code – code that goes right down to the metal – and then allowing people to run script mods on top of that without the right security measures. It could be really dangerous.

[…]But all I can control is what we do on our platform, so that’s where I’m going to focus – we’re going to keep you safe because that’s really important to us.”

So it all comes down to the consumer’s security. Also, the “no mods” on Xbox 360 policy has nothing to do with Microsoft selling useless content for 800 points a piece, while PC gamers get similar stuff for no money what so ever.