At present time, Square Enix’s international revenue only adds up to 10 or 20 percent of total revenues. If the expansion plan works out fine, the company hopes to see the overseas revenue raise up to 50%.

However, this change of business plans will also bring a change in the games development department. Up till now Square Enix has been always associated with the fantasy RPGs, an image most-likely to lose its dominance in the coming years. Different markets demand different content, an no matter how good the Final Fantasy games really are, they’ll never make up for different themes or genres.

The news came up during the Tokyo Game Show, when Square Enix senior vice-president Michihiro Sasaki told Financial Times the following:

"We need to seek co-operation with a US publisher – we need local content. Our strength is in role-playing games and fantasy titles, so it is a bit difficult to appeal to the US market."

Any bets on who’s gonna be the first Square Enix partner?