Players were upset (to say the least) to know that their online game access would be cut off for something they did on a forum. The two issues are not exactly strictly linked between them and EA had to admit it.

The same manager posted a long reply meant to calm down any fears:

“Your Posting in our official C&C EA Forums is enabled by an EA Nucleus account (the Master EA Account you typically login with to chose your Persona) — but access to the forums and access to the games are separate. Players who have been banned from EA Forums are not automatically banned from online access to their other EA games, or the game associated with that particular forum. Players can be warned, suspended, and/or then banned if they breach the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct in a forum, game or service. Each forum, game and service is managed independently by our customer support representatives responsible for that specific forum, game or service.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, but I hope everyone is able to see the greater good intent in that we are simply trying to keep the forums and in-game as friendly and fun environments as possible, just know that those two environments are treated seperately by myself, the mods, and especially our Customer Support team.”

This is the second such threat an EA representative made recently. The first case happened earlier this year, when a Spore moderator threatened to ban from the game all users that would start or participate in discussions regarding Spore’s hated DRM.

Later on, EA stated that the threat was “absolutely not true or in-line with EA’s moderation policy.” Not true at this time, but to have hope. EA might eventually try to pull this as a general rule as well.