Previous reports had it that Electronic Arts and Ubisoft would be the main names involved in the acquisition. However, according to new rumors, Warner Bros would also be interested in taking Eidos matters into its own corporate hands. The latest entry on the list is Square Enix, a company that showed an increasing interest in Western gaming business recently.

Still, the ball seems to be played mainly in Warner’s court, PSX Extreme reports:

“hey already own 20% of Eidos, and they would only have to spend another $30 million to gain controlling interest. $80 million would give them total control.”

A clear winner is still far from sight and we’ll be sure to write about it when it happens. On the other hand, the loser can be see from every angle: when you have a tight grip on the Tomb Raider money machine and still manage to make your share reach 10% of their original value, that’s bound to make you famous.