The recently announced PSP Extended Life Battery Kit features a 2200 mAh battery pack supposed to double the battery life of the new PSP model (PSP 2000).

Because the new battery is somewhat thicker than the normal model issued with the console (and therefore, it just won’t fit in with the battery cover), the offer will also bring forward new custom covers. Two such models will accompany the offer, one in Piano Black and and the other in Ice Silver.

Sony’s new offer is also available for the early adopters of the PSP. Senior marketing manager John Koller writes:

Those of you with the original PSP (PSP 1000) may recall that we offered an extended life battery pack (the stamina battery) previously, and this battery remains compatible with that system as well.”

The new battery kit will hit the market in mid-December and will retail for $44.99.

Hopefully, those willing to go for the upcoming Spider-Man PSP bundle will get such batteries as a default offer as well. Or, if they insist on having the new batteries, they will end up with some clown-like looking consoles.