According to figures made public by Famitsu, the handheld console sold over 20 million units since its original release in December 2004. The original (and fatter) model sold around 6.5 million units, while the later introduced DS Lite scored more than double: 14 million sales.

Such figures aren’t hard to believe, especially since the console has been keeping a tight grip on the Japanese hardware sales charts for quite a while, and continues to do so in the present.

The latest figures credit the DS with having sold 81,000 units during the ending November 18.

In the best-sold DS games department Nintendo holds the lead, with five titles parked on the top five steps of the podium:

– Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (5,3 million)
– New Super Mario Bros. (4,8 million)
– Brain Age 2 (4,7 million)
– Animal Crossing: Wild World (4,4 million)
– Brain Age (3,5 million)