The story goes like this: a World of Warcraft player decided it was time he got some attention and virtual glory and spent 7000 Euro ($$9,700) on a Level 70 Night Elf Rogue character. The character was wielding The Twin Blades of Azzinoth (which can be picked off Illidan’s defeated corpse in The Black Temple) and had four out of five pieces of the Tier 6 armor set.

Originally, the character belonged to Zeuzo from the Method guild on the Sylvanas server and is now the property of Shaks from the Kazzak server. Then again, “was” his property might be the proper way to put it.

From the look of things, the character has been off duty since September 3. Add to this Blizzard’s policy regarding character trading and you’re already near the right answer.

Most chances are that the character has been banned. Not doing so would’ve been a black eye for Blizzard, already busy fighting gold farmers.

I’m sure the buyer must be boiling right now. What do you think, will he get his money back? And if not, will he sue both the seller and Blizzard?

Random thought: maybe a price cut on a future Zeuzo-made character would calm him down. How about a new Rogue for 2000 Euro?