“At precisely 6:36pm PST, in a three minute and nineteen second game of Infection on Foundry, four players participated in Halo 3’s one billionth match.

One Billion. It’s a giant number, one that’s difficult to understand without the proper context. Our first thought was to put it into perspective by comparing Halo 3’s total games played with its predecessor, Halo 2, a title that we are still super proud of, and one that’s topped the original Xbox LIVE Leaderboards since its launch through to present day – over four years of online gaming.”

By comparison, the much older Halo 2 only added up to 798 million total matches.

Bungie also added that the Total Matchmaking Playtime (not including Custom or Offline matches) was of 2,023,153,340,764 seconds. If that’s too complicated, suffice to say it adds up to 64,109 years of playtime.

Just wondering: will the next Halo 4 surpass this record? And if so, will it be able to do it sooner than Halo 3?