According to numerous threads, Aurora Blade has become a vast collection of items originally found in Ragnarok Online, World Of Warcraft, Maple Story and LaTale.

Faced with such accusation, IGG (the publisher of the game) took matter into its own hands and dealt with the situation: threads have been deleted from the forum, users posting such info have been threatened with the ban hammer.

IGG’s official message goes as follows:

“We would like to explain that SkyUnion(IGG) is not responsible for the developing of the game, that is any character, artwork and graphic is developed by another company and this game is HOSTED by IGG.

Any thread or post containing information about other games that including screenshots, game info or any other information will be deleted, as its against the forum rules.We will also take actions against members that will repeat breaking the forum rules.Therefore we have to ban members according to the severity. This may lead to a permanent ban from the forum.”

It’s nice to know that some people still don’t know what honesty really means. Or isn’t it?