According to Kotaku‘s source from GameSpot, the scandal is seen by the staff as "a cataclysmic event in Gamespot history," which basically ruined the credibility of the gaming site. Also, nobody actually knows why was Gertsmann fired in the first place, which is another morale breaker. As it follows, a "large number of Gamespot editors" don’t intend to stick around for long at GameSpot.

The source stated that the dismissal was caused by the long-time disagreements between Gertsmann and VP of games Josh Larson. It was also rumored that, as of recent, Gertsmann’s “work had become sloppier, more flippant and smacked of a celebrity attitude may have only been solidified by the questionable quality of the review.” Either way, the lack of communication surely didn’t help Larson’s case:

"People used to think of Larson as a sort of non-intrusive cousin of Bill Lumberg from Office Space—an empty suit who was more of an annoyance than a liability. Now, people are referring to him as the moron lieutenant from Aliens who sits around stunned, doing nothing as everyone drops dead around him."

It would be interesting to see the truth come out in this case. Otherwise, GameSpot has a lot to lose in the long run: staff, credibility and, eventually, readers.