The first move, according to Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow, would be the introduction of a $299 player. A proper release date was not stated. However, the device should hit the market sometimes this year, with bets being placed around the holidays season.

Still, the analysts continue to claim that the Blu-ray player would only gain a solid foothold on the market when it would get to cost $199. Such a device "could happen", Glasgow admitted, but it would only happen next year.

Even so, Sony seems to have much confidence in its player. The company expects to sell around 5 million Blu-ray player this year. The figure might sound less impressing, given the fact that PlayStation 3 sales are also included in the final figure.

Sony’s plan actually falls in line with NPD Group’s earlier statements: the real market for hi-def players is scheduled to become a reality in 2009, when enough purchasable/rentable content will be made available. So no need to hurry.