Also, the MPA asks the court to prevent Xunlei from offering a method for alleged copyright infringement. The defendant operates a a peer-to-peer file sharing service based in China called Xunlei.

The international representative of the movie industry stated that the lawsuit was the only step remaining, as it reportedly sent 78 notices of infringement to Xunlei for more than five weeks before filing the lawsuit.

"These actions demonstrate that copyright holders can and will vigorously defend their property by any legal means, including redress before the courts where necessary," said Frank Rittman, VP, deputy regional director and regional legal counsel, Asia-Pacific for the MPA. "P2P piracy is a huge problem in China, which if left unattended, will threaten the continued development of legitimate online services supported by copyright owners."

The case is likely to turn most interesting, as Google will find itself on the defendant’s bench as well. The search giant acquired part of the Chinese company last year, but the exact details of the deal remained undisclosed. Up till now, rumor has it that Google stake in Xunlei is of 4%, for which is paid $5 million.