The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, not will they be in the near future. The only statement regarding financial issues comes from a letter to Eolas shareholders from Mark Swords, the company’s CEO. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (which has posted a copy on its website), the letter only mentions that shareholders would be receiving a dividend of $60 to $72 per share following the settlement.

The letter says that the agreement was reached on August 24.

Swords added that the company would provide additional information on 4 September, during a shareholder meeting

Previously, Eolas defeated Microsoft in court and the ruling stated that the company was to receive $521 million from the Redmond giant. The settlement sum might not be far from the one in the verdict.

The dispute between Microsoft and Eolas revolved around a patent for including interactive components into a web page. The lawsuit was filed back in 1999. Internet Explorer hasn’t been using this way of embed ding Active-X elements into pages for some time, but the case remained.