Sun did stated previously that the Windows OS was compatible with its x64 servers, perhaps a hint that Microsoft’s OS was to come pre-installed on its machines sometimes in the future.

According to Sun’s representatives, Windows Server 2003 should make its entrance on Sun servers during the next three months. The OS will be arriving on the following systems: Blade 6000, Blade 8000, the Fire X2200 M2, the X4000 series and V40z.

The new deal is part of Sun’s new strategy to expand into the x86 server segment, a segment which currently spells for Sun $1 billion in sales per year.

Earlier this year Sun also teamed up with Intel and adopted the latter’s processors.

It seems that Jonathan Schwartz’s (the company CEO) plan is working out for Sun. The company recently moved to the fifth spot in global x86 server sales and has high hopes of quickly reaching the fourth position.