The new offer expires on April 18, given that Take Two’s shareholder meeting takes place one day earlier, on the 17. 

The actions of the Take-Two Board may increase the risk for their stockholders by delaying a potential transaction,” said Owen Mahoney, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at EA. “We continue to believe that our $26.00 per share offer price is full and fair, and that a transaction between Take-Two and EA is the most compelling combination financially, strategically and operationally for all parties.”

At present time, Take Two’s Board of Director must be wondering about how many times should they say No to EA before the publisher finally gets it.

Our guess over here is “until you say Yes”, so that Electronic Arts would get both the answer and the company. Then again, let’s just hope this doesn’t happen and the GTA franchise won’t be turned into a "Sims with cars" game.