The offer is addressed to all customers that bought a HD DVD player before February 23, 2008 (the date the last manufacturer of HD DVD players announced it was ceasing production of those players) and it will remain on the table until April 9, 2009.

As expected, customers won’t just walk off with the money. The online retailer will provide a special code, which can be used to chop off $50 of any products sold by the website.

On the downside, the code won’t work for purchases from third-party merchants on Amazon. Also, the offer won’t apply for special-order titles, e-books or downloadable e-content, wireless service plans, gift certificates, gift-wrap, taxes, or shipping and handling charges.

Last but not least, the $50.00 promotional credit will be available for up to 10 HD DVD, so you can only get a maximum of $500.00. Then again, which regular shopper would go and buy more than 10 such units?