I mean, it took so much money to manipulate the market: WE’RE COOL, THEY’RE NOT, YOU DON’T WANT TO SIDE WITH THE LOSERS!.

And finally, you draw the line to what? The same floatable device sitting well atop the toilet water. Good job! Kudos to those who bought into it, and still pay money for the upgrades, or “fancier” versions. If you asked me 6 months ago, I would have probably had a different opinion.

But, let’s face it, what is iPhone’s competitive edge? I dare anyone who’s not emotionally attached to its mobile jewel name one feature making the difference.

Their business strategy, nursed into conception with the help of LSD (Yes, the drug!) , was to single out the upper middle class individual, and slowly lure them into the ego cage, hard to escape from.

I mean, how could somebody from WallStreet use a anything else, really…? Until recently, they were backed up by a good OS, decent design and, speed and the App Store.

I never could understand why a solid business policy such as Android’s could still not pay off to the same extent as Apple’s, which always took the cherry from the top.

Their recent iPhone 6 move however, will cost them a lot, as the new look is considered by most a victory for Samsung. And losers always get the wrong end of the stick.In a way, it’s kind of ironic to fall into the web of deceit you’ve spawn over the years.