Even the older generation is using Facebook or Twitter even more keenly than some of the young people I know, who prefer to swim against the current.

Why  some people are reticent, is a question with many answers, most revolving around the fear of exposing private information to unwanted people and. There is also another category shutting off to social media – those with a big ego, more exactly, trying to “spite” the social media generation.

They are all fair reasons, and I must say I sometimes find myself in chime with this line of reasoning, which says that social media is invading our lives at an unprecedented pace.

However, like with anything today, the numbers count only, and not personal feelings. This is why, despite my reticence with social media, I strongly recommend you making use of it to promote your business.

Here’s from my experience how a good marketing strategy must include the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon and, more recently, but coming up strong, Vibe.

  1. You aim straight, you pay less. If you have enough followers on these social media networks, then your message goes directly to them, and with no middle man, your impact rate is really high. One message going through is a like a drop of water, it doesn’t bore into the rock, but in time…
  2. I would particularly like to emphasize LinkedIN, which is one of the most useful tools for networking with professional. While Facebook and even Twitter are for the masses, LinkedIN is more about professionals and business people. In the past few years, LinkedIN has watered out its image a little bit introducing some obviously Facebook-like features, but, nevertheless, it is an efficiently increasing tool for your business3)      Your profile on social media may have a very strong impact on your potential new customers. How active you are, how many conversations you are engaged in, are all building up you image.
  3. You get a competitive edge.  The more followers you have the more potential customers you have, both directly and indirectly, through word of mouth. In a way, it’s like moving your shop from the outskirts into the center, on the main boulevard. There are just more opportunities. As I said, the only thing that counts at the end of the day are the numbers.
  4. You create your own brand, or you consolidate an existing one.  In time, by being consistent,  your business image will inspire trust, and that’s really what you’re looking for. A like, a share or a retweet is basically somebody saying to their friends there is something interesting about you.

Again, it boils down to how much you extend the pool of potential customers. I have to bring most dreamers back to reality, though, as to what the impact of social media on your business is. It is a very steep slope in the beginning, so you will have to be there and show consistency all the way through. You won’t get much result in the beginning, so don’t have too many expectations.

Things will shape up after 6 months to 1 year, after your message starts to break through and reach the right audience. So patience is the key!

Ionut Popescu is Business Development Manager at MBM Software