Front Porch Digital has been using its experience to migrate, manage, and ultimately monetize large-scale media content.
Even though no financial terms were released, Oracle representatives mentioned on Sunday the transaction will be closed this year. Until that time, Front Porch Digital continues to function as an independent company. The Lafayette, Colorado company has more than 550 customers for which it manages over 750 petabyte of data. Some of the customers using its technology include BBC, the European Parliament, NASCAR, and U.S. Library of Congress. When Oracle finalizes the purchase, it will sell its own database technology together with systems, servers, and storage that target high-performance expectations in rich-media market.
According to Oracle, combining the two technology companies will create an enterprise-level cloud and content storage functionality, allowing customers to migrate, store, and deliver media rich content.
Front Porch Digital will provide Oracle access to DIVASolutions content storage management system, a media migration technology called Samma, and Lynx cloud-based content management. In turn, Oracle will optimize these products with its own technologies, and will make substantial engineering investments.