In the previous March-April report, Google was credited with having a grip on around 60% of the market.

While champaign may flow at Google’s HQ, the other player have no reason to celebrate. Yahoo, for instance, dropped 0.9% this April and was only credited with the handling of just 20.4% of the regular core searches.

Still, the big Y is doing way better than Microsoft and its Windows Live Search. The Redmond-backed search engine continues to successfully lose market share (down 0.3%) and its kingdom stretched over only 9.1%. Microsoft is currently planning and promising new strategies to gain back the lost ground (the Cashback program, for instance), but their effectiveness remains to be seen in the long run.

ComScore’s study also point s out that the total number of core searches (upon which is determined the market share of each player) fell last month by %2, to just to 10.6 billion. Google handled 6.5 billion, Yahoo’s slice was of around 2.2 billion, while Microsoft had to settle for less than 1 billion.