The firmware update was meant to fix problems reported with the 1TB Barracuda drives, “thanks” to a firmware error causing them to fail at boot and remain inoperable.

However, what it actually managed to do was to cause further problems for Seagate users. According to numerous complaints on the Seagate forums, the update proved to be very efficient in turning 500GB Barracudas into useless junk.

One user writes:

“My 3 ST3500320AS drives are broken (it takes 2 mins to recognize it by BIOS, can’t access data on it etc) after official and updated firmware upgrade.

I know it works for other drives but I have seen other people with the same problem and with the same 500GB model.”

The faulty update has been pulled since then and now Seagate must be working hard on delivering the needed solutions. Hopefully, they will manage to come up with good releases this time.

The entire affair is basically a spelling issue: Seagate was unable to spell correctly “test the update before releasing it” and now they might go to a new round and have to spell “how much a class action alwsuit is going to cost me?”