The Chrome browser was initially released less than 4 months ago.

“We have removed the beta label as our goals for stability and performance have been met but our work is far from done. We are working to add some common browser features such as form autofill and RSS support in the near future. We are also developing an extensions platform along with support for Mac and Linux.,” reads a post on the Google Blog penned by Sundar Pichai, VP, Product Management, and Linus Upson, Engineering Director

According to the two, the final version of the Chrome browser has been significantly tweaked in several key areas:

– improved stability and performance of plug-ins, with a focus on fixing video and audio glitches
– faster: the V8 JavaScript engine runs 1.4 times faster on the SunSpider benchmark and 1.5 times faster on the V8 benchmark
– bookmark manager and privacy:a new bookmark import and export features, a new way to manage large numbers of bookmarks.
– security: Google Chrome’s sandbox technology creates an additional layer of defense against harmful software and  the Safe Browsing feature provides protection against phishing and malware attacks for many browser users.

Future updates to the browser will include form autofill and RSS support, as well as the unveiling of an extensions platform. Support for Mac and Linux should also be on its way.

Google Chrome can be downloaded from here.