The pack, which is promoted as a "upgrade for Windows", features a selection of free desktop programs for e-mail, instant messaging, blogging and sharing photos.

The Windows Live Mail allows the user to get messages from several Web-based e-mail accounts, with Microsoft’s Hotmail being the first choice. Google’s Gmail and AOL e-mail also made the list, while Yahoo is only available for premium accounts.

Digital pics will be left in the care of Windows Live Photo Gallery, which enables users to manipulate and organize the files, as well as upload them to Flickr and to Windows Live Spaces.

Any Live blogging will be made with the help of Live Writer, while Live Messenger also allows users to send text messages to phones and handheld devices.

Last ones on the list are the Live Family Safety (an alternative spelling to the old-fashion “parental control”) and a Toolbar.

All in all, the new product does little to impress and the mainly underlines the fact that Microsoft has been left behind by other competitors and is still unable to be creative when offering new services.

Windows Live can be installed from here.