The machines will be manufactured by Taiwanese firm Quanta Computer at a Chinese facility in Changshu and will run an pen source Linux operating system.

The only countries so far to place orders for the computers are Uruguay and Mongolia. Nigeria was also on the initial list, but later on it changed its mind and decided to go with Intel’s Classmate PC offer.

The OLPC foundation also announced plans to retail the machine in the United States and Canada. Back in September the organization launched the “Give 1 Get 1” program, which is meant to boost the sales of the $100 laptop. Those interested to take part in it will have those interested pay for two such machines. One will be delivered to the buyer, while the other will go to a child in a developing nation.

The program will start on November 12 and will last for only two weeks. At present time only USA or Canada residents can participate. The price for two such machines is $399.

The OLPC project was started by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte.