The list is quite long (if not plain  exhaustive) and everyone playing the game should take a long and careful look at it. It’s either that or a very surprised look when playing the patched game.

Some of the highlights include new careers, the  Bitter Rivals event (featuring angry  Dwarves and Greenskins), the  Twisting Tower scenario, various  Realm vs. Realm gameplay enhancements (Open RvR Rallying Cry system, Zone Control Domination System for Tiers 2 through 4),  crafting system improvements, two new secret lairs and so forth.

The patch also features a healthy dose of bug fixes, such as:

– In combat, your own health value could fluctuate up and down inaccurately. This will no longer occur.
– When instructed to attack a target on the other side of a closed door, pets will no longer run through the door.
– /ignore will persist properly between logins.
– Opening Movies will no longer always be at max volume.
– Under heavy server load situations, buffs and debuffs will no longer last longer than they should.
– Monsters which flee from combat due to being at low hit points will now immediately begin moving at a slower speed.
– Inventory overflow will now automatically empty its contents into any available backpack slot