In a recent interview for Mercury News, Fils-Aime points out that although Halo 3 is undoubtedly a success, it’s far from being a panacea for Microsoft:

Will they sell a lot of software? Certainly. Will it sell hardware? I think it’s an open question. Why? Because I think that the "Halo 3" consumer already has the hardware, because they’re playing "Bioshock" and "Crackdown" and a variety of games that are, in the end, quite similar: first-person shooter experience, multiplayer capable online. Tell me what’s new?”

Will Nintendo counter this release with a plan of its own? No exactly:

I am fortunate to have a series of (games) that are all going to drive substantial sales for me and are all targeted to different parts of the consumer mix.”

These statement may look like the “it doesn’t concern us” strategy and it may very well be, up to a certain point. Then again, the Wii was never about “hardcore gamers only”, but Halo 3 is.