With Fallout fans sure to go berserk over this (Spore fans were mostly unhappy and EA had to use all its influence to get those nasty bad reviews off Amazon), the company thought it would be wise to calm down fear from the very beginning.

As it follows, fans are being told that the software will only be used for a disc check and (hopefully) nothing more:

“For Fallout 3’s copy protection on PC, we use the same security model as we did for Oblivion – a simple disc check. We only use SecuRom’s disc check functionality for copy protection.

We do NOT limit the number of installs. We do NOT use online authentication or any other SecuROM functionality except for a disc check when you install the game and when you launch the game. We do not install any other programs and we don’t have anything that runs in the background while you’re playing the game.”

Will this be enough to appease gamers? SecuROM has the worst public image a software would desire and fans might be tempted to skip on the game altogether, at least for a while.