Both Apple and Psystar have agreed to have their case judge by independent arbiter, thus making it possible to reach an out of court settlement.

However, it remains to be seen if the two companies will find an out of court way out of this business quarrel. Word has it that Apple’s arguments aren’t as solid as they may seem. On the other hand, Apple is known to be a company not very fond of the idea of compromise.

In the mean time, Psystar has been playing hard ball up to this point and is expected to ask Apple for more than the Cupertino company is willing to accept. At this time we’re betting that the lawsuits that Apple and Psystar filed against each other will continue and the ADR will end as a failed initiative.

The dispute between the two companies started back in July, when Apple decided to sue Psystar for selling computers that basically were, claims the plaintiff, “cheaper Mac machines”

In return, Psystar hit Apple with an antitrust case one month later. The Apple-clone maker claimed that Apple’s way of bundling the OS with the hardware doesn’t comply to current antitrust laws.