After refusing to change his T-shirt for a few months in a row, Mr. Zuckerberg gathered enough focus to come up with a new concept. This time, it’s really one for the books : Mr. Zuckerber will help you lift off your career.

Funny Mr. Zuckerberg should reach out so warmly, since, in a recent survey his already famous Facebook, seems to be at the core of roughly 50% of the Italian broken-up marriages.

It’s a RIP for the family, now let’s take your job to the grave.

The Facebook virus has spread so fast with unimaginable consequences on people’s social life, mostly affecting teens whose character is still easily manipulated.

But instead of understanding the enormous threat and overwhelming responsability lying on his shoulders, Mr. Zuckeberg has another goal, one of his own : to break the 1.35 billion user barrier.

He’s now made up secret plans for a new application : Facebook at Work, trying to get around the annoying Facebook block imposed by most employers.

He even counted the time each Facebook users spends each day checking out his Facebook account, and concluded this is not enough.

 Without specifically saying it, Facebook at Work will clash with the business network LinkedIn, which, in a strange paradox, recently copied some of Facebook’s features.