Unfortunately, Sony somehow managed this as an opportunity to milk its customers even more.

Therefore, the new "Fresh Start" option will enable the user to get a machine not infested by Sony’s junkware and for which he (the user) would have a pay the small sum of $50.

The procedure goes like this: the user enters the "Software Optimization" section in the Sony online order process and chooses "Fresh Start". However, the option is only available for two machines: the TZ2000 and TZ2500 model laptops. Also, the user has to spend another $100 extra by choosing the Windows Vista Business and not the cheaper Windows Vista Home Premium.

It’s clear that Sony only had a premium group of people in sight when it rolled out this option, given the requirements. Chances are that the list will grow in time and more people will get to enjoy it. However, until then, several question remain:

How could one name a company that charges extra for not adding the junkware to your OS? and
Is there any connection between this new offer and the infamous Protection Tax backed by the Mob?

Update: The company decided to dump the $50 fee after facing  the public’s rage.