According to these emails, over one quarter of all Vista crashes in 2007 have been caused by the drivers released by the leading graphics card manufacturer, reports Ars Technica.

To be exact, Nvidia’s faulty drivers are to pay the bill for 28.8% of all crashes of the operating system. In the mean time, Vista maker Microsoft is held responsible for only 17.9% of such mishaps.

If Microsoft were one side of the coin, then the other side would be labeled “unknown”, the same way 17% of Vista crash causes have been labeled.

ATI’ Nvidia’s long time rival can be held accountable for only 9.3% of the crashes, followed close by chip maker Intel: 8.8%.

Officially, Nvidia states that the issues have now been fixed. How well, that remains to be seen.

The main complaint in the current class action lawsuit is that "Vista Capable" labeling campaign was used by Microsoft to lure customers and create artificial demand by false advertising.

The plaintiffs claims that while computers (barely) run the new Microsoft OS, many Vista features are impossible to be used. The most famous example is the Aero interface, which is only available higher-end versions of Vista and also incompatible with with a wide range of PCs marked as "Vista Capable".