“One of the great things about the Fashion Your Firefox collection is that it allows users to bundle a bunch of different add-ons together all at once,” writes Mozilla’s David Rolnitzky. “In essence, it’s like having a shopping cart that you can use to select any add-on from the Fashion Your Fox collection, “check-out” with just one click, and after a quick Firefox restart, have a whole new browser that’s made just for you.”

Basically, the Fashion Your Firefox app takes the most popular add-ons and groups them into several categories. At this time there are 9 categories, made up based on the web surfer’s needs:Finder and Seeker, Social Butterfly, Shutterbug, Digital Pack Rat, Rock Star, Decorator, Shopaholic, News Junkie, Executive Assistant.

For instance, Rock Star is aimed at those looking for new music online, Decorator is for people willing to change the look of the browser, Social Butterfly is the category to choose if you are into social networking and News Junkie needs no further description.

Fashion Your Firefox is available here. As expected, is Firefox 3 only.

PS: Mozilla stated that there are around 5,000 Firefox add-ons, while the number of downloaded add-ons has gone over the 1 billion milestone.