The answer appeared on the company’s official Mac blog. Amanda Walker, a software engineer at Google, announced that, although the browser has been designed as multiplatform from the start, the development cycle is just in the beginning. The Windows version was the star of the show, so everyone else has to be patient:

“We can’t make concrete predictions yet; the Windows version is going into beta first, simply by virtue of having had a head start. For a number of reasons, much of the initial prototyping and design was done for Windows.”

“Right now, both are in the "pieces build and pass tests, but there’s no application yet." While we’re working hard and fast on catching up to the Windows version, we’re not setting an artificial date for when they’ll be ready–we simply can’t predict enough to make a solid estimate, and we expect to learn a lot from the Windows public beta as well.”

It’s interesting to note that both the Mac and the Linux version are being handled by the same team. Furthermore, the two version aren’t being handled as simple ports, but based on completely rewritten code.

Google Chrome for Windows is available here for download.